Hi there!

I'm Siddharth – an interdisciplinary creative. I am experienced in the fields of Graphic Design, Branding, UI and UX Design. I am presently a product designer at Postman.

My father was a soldier, so I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many new folks from various cultures and backgrounds. I realised the value of design and its impact on people everywhere I moved and travelled to. This motivated me to learn design on my own and transition from a computer science degree to a design career.

Since then, I've been increasingly interested in working with organisations and individuals who share my goals and objectives, such as bringing delight to users, designing inclusive and usable products, and having a positive attitude and empathy towards people and work.

Personal Interests

📸 Expressing myself through Pictures

🍔 Exploring new food joints

🎾 Playing Lawn Tennis

🏎 Watching all kinds of sports (F1, Football, Tennis)

🎧 Listening to lo-fi music. My Playlist