Project title
Prolos - One place to track your crypto investments
Product designUXUI

Launching Soon

Prolos is a product made specifically for people who invest in crypto-currencies. It is the one place to know your Crypto gains & losses in seconds.

The Story behind the Project

After the crypto-boom everywhere, my friends and I had started investing in cryptocurrencies. We chose WazirX as an exchange platform to do so. The company has built a fantastic product to make it easier for everyone to invest in cryptocurrencies.

We were trying our hands in trading all kinds of coins with good projects but mostly alt-coins. Buying and selling coins frequently was a weekly thing for us then, and it got challenging to track all the money we put in and the returns.

WazirX gives you a trade report, but we still couldn't figure out the gains and losses on each coin.

E.g., If I bought MATIC for 23rs and then for 35rs and sold a partial amount for 60rs. This needed a lot of math, and all of us are super lazy.

The Solution

After speaking to a lot of people, we understood that everyone faced the same issue. We decided to build a product that makes it easier for everyone to keep track of their present and past investments, get more insights on gains and losses, all from just a trade report.

We are planning to launch the product successfully in early August. Keep an eye out if you like the idea.