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Aashray Homes

Golden Future Technologies
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Aashray Homes
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Aashray Homes is an initiative of Golden Future Technologies that streamlines the entire process of building your dream house from the comfort of your couch by connecting you with quality builders and architects.

My Role

I had pitched and secured the contract of working with Golden Future Technology’s team to work on this project and help them with building a brand, designing graphic material for their website and social media and develop user interfaces and experience for Aashray Homes.

Building the Brand

Aashray Homes is a marketplace where homeowners can find qualified builders to construct their dream home. I wanted to include this intention and ambition into the logo.


Product Screens

Users and builders had never before been brought together in an effort to help people build their dream homes. The following are the actions we took to ensure that the flow and product were flawless.

  • First, we conducted more than 20 interviews with Australians who are either planning to build a new home or have recently completed construction. In addition, we talked to over 40 builders to get their opinion on the situation.
  • There were various concepts that we worked on that were aligned with the goal of the project and detailed the product plan.
  • After evaluating and discussing a number of ideas, we settled on a certain user flow and proceeded to build low-fidelity mockups for the same.
  • We conducted a usability test on a small group of people before creating the entire product. Finally after validation, we designed the whole product and supported the development team ensuring that it was developed in accordance with our plans.

Here are some screens from the product -



  • A good presentation of your design is just as crucial as a good product itself. Working with diverse groups and individuals necessitates being able to communicate our point of view and empathise with their thoughts and concerns.
  • Take the time to design whatever you create. Design that isn't thoroughly thought out will be criticised heavily, thus it's wise to spend more time on it rather than rush it out the door.
  • More conversations with users lead to a better grasp of the issue at hand. One user interview isn't enough to get a full picture of everyone's issues. Understanding the problem and the present solutions requires numerous interviews over an extended period of time.
  • The process of creating a brand is more than just combining colours and logos. People will be more willing to put their confidence and money into your digital identity if you can build a solid foundation for it.